VariableScanner – How to use it?

The VariableScanner allows you to easily import your PLC variables inside X4 Remote.
It makes the process of setting up your variables with your x500 / X4 Remote setup much easier. With this tool, there is no need to manually create the variables inside X4 Remote.

This VariableScanner can be used in 2 different ways:

  1. Scan the available OPC-UA variables of your live PLC. This is recommended if you already have your PLC setup, working and accessible.
  2. Import the symbol configuration from the Lenze PLC Designer project. This is recommended, if you are still in the process of programming the PLC or if the PLC is currently not accessible.

The tool will then let you choose, which variables you want to read from the x500.

Download and Installation

You can download the latest version of the VariableScanner here: Download


This is still a beta version and not certified. Windows or your virus scanner will alert you about the missing certificate.

User Interface


  1. If you have a direct connection to the device, skip this step. Otherwise, you have to establish a remote connection to your device
  2. Go to the tab OPC UA Scan in the top left corner and enter the IP-address of your device. If needed, change the port:
  1. Optional: If the connection with your devices requires authentication, check off the corresponding checkbox and enter your credentials:
  1. After you have filled in all the fields, press Scan button (which is now active) in the top right corner.
  2. You will see the loading animation indicating that the scan is in progress:
  1. When the animation is gone, the scan is complete. The message on the bottom says whether it was successful or not:
  1. You can find out more about unsuccessful statuses in the troubleshooting section
  2. Save the variables

XML Import

  1. You will need a Symbol Configuration file
  1. Go to the tab “Symbol Configuration Import” in the top left corner:                                                                            
  1. Select controller model and type in your device:
  1. Choose it from the predefined list if possible
  1. Alternatively, choose a “Custom” option and enter the controller prefix yourself:  
  1. If you don’t know the prefix, you will have to scan the device instead.
  1. Press “Select File” button and choose the Symbol Configuration file.
  2. Press the “Load” button, which is now active:
  1. If the file is valid, in a moment you will see the results:
  1. Link to subchapter “save variables”

Save variables/tags

  1. Select all the necessary variables via a checkbox. By default, all variables with supported data types are already selected. See “Import Variables from a CSV-file in the section “Data type“)
  2. To facilitate this process, you can sort the variables by name, address or type by clicking on the corresponding column.
  3. To search for specific variables, type the search term (which can be part of a name, address or type) in the filter field above the table. All variables that match the term (ignoring lower/upper case) will be displayed in the table:
  1. To reset the view, clear the filter field.
  2. After you have chosen all the necessary variables, press the “Export variables” button and choose where the file should be saved for import later.
  3. If you would like import tags as well, press “Export tags” button and choose where the file should be saved for import later.

Troubleshooting & FAQ

  • Status bar:
  • While unpacking or starting the variable scanner, my antivirus gives a warning.
    This tool is currently in beta version and therefore not certified.
    Ignore the warning to proceed using the tool.
  • I can´t start the tool.
    • Is Java installed on your computer?
    • Please install the recommended Java version
  • Error “xxxxxx” (I can not connect to my PLC):
    • Check if you are connected directly or via VPN to the PLC (cable plugged in / VPN connected)
    • Make sure that the PLC is turned on and accessible in the network (ping the PLC)
    • Verify if the entered IP and port are correct
    • Test if your PLC is accesible through UA Expert
  • Error “xxxxxx” (credentials invalid):
    • Make sure you have entered the correct credentials in the username and password fields
  • My OPC-UA variables are not found after searching
    • Check if the OPC-UA variables exist in the OPC-UA server
    • Test if your variables are accesible through UA Expert
    • Currently only Lenze and Beckhoff PLCs are supported
  • My variable can not be imported in X4 remote
    • Make sure the field “type” is not empty, otherwise it can not be imported
    • X4 Remote supports a limited number of variable data types:
      See Import Variables from a CSV-File in the section “Data type