Export data

You can easily export your data in a .csv format, which you can then use in Microsoft Excel, 3rd party BI Tools, or other programs for more advanced analytics. The data from any widget inside a data report can be exported. The data that is displayed in the widget, together with the time period that you have shown, determines which data will be exported.

Export contents

Note that the displayed data may be cleverly processed to quickly display a lot of data, like in a graph widget, while you optically don’t lose any detail. Because you export the visible data this effectively means that the exported data may not be equal to the originally logged data.

table widget‘s export will provide the most accurate data.

Chronological order

The exporting process is optimized in terms of speed and the chronological order can therefore not be guaranteed when exporting large amounts of data.

The following steps show you how to export cloud logging data of your devices in a .csv format.

  • Go to [Devices] in the main menu, select the concerning device, and select the concerning dashboard in the [info] tab.
  • Press […] on the widget which data you’d like to export and select [Export to CSV-file].

Time period

The displayed time period determines which data will be exported. You can change the time period by pressing the calendar icon in the top left corner of your screen, or by decreasing/increasing/moving the blue bar at the bottom.