Message center

The X4 remote has it’s own message center for important company and device messages. Accessible via [Messages] in the main menu.

It works as follows. You will receive a message when a device from your company is transferred to another company or when any Cloud Notify alarm has been triggered.

Additionally, you will receive an e-mail as well. Note that you can turn this off by adding an active filter in your settings.


You can easily select all messages or mark all messages as read by pressing […] in the top right corner.

Change the displayed time

The displayed time in all your company and device messages, including your Cloud Notify e-mails, is dependent on your profile’s timezone setting.

  • Go to the account menu, press [My profile], and press in the “My localization” section to edit your timezone.

Add a filter for incoming messages

In the message center’s settings you can create active filters where you specify certain criteria (i.e. “low priority alarm”) and automatic actions (i.e. “don’t send e-mail/push notification”). These filters are active and are applied to all incoming messages that qualify your set of criteria.

  • Open the Message Center settings by pressing the settings icon  in the top right corner.
  • Press [Add filter] to open the following window where you can specify your criteria and appropriate actions.