Allow access to internet / corporate network

The WAN and LAN side of the x500 IoT gateway are separated by the internal firewall. However, you can change the LAN to WAN access rules. You have the option to allow access to the internet, for example when you are on-site and need to look up manuals or a PLC needs to send e-mails. You can also allow access to the corporate network, for example when a PLC needs to store data on a local FTP server. Additionally, if your x500 IoT gateway supports a Wi-Fi functionality, you can use it’s Wi-Fi hotspot to set up a wireless (internet) connection.

The next steps show you how to set these access rules.

  • Go to [Devices] in the main menu, select the concerning device, open its [Config] tab, and edit  the firewall settings.
  • Toggle the option that is relevant to you and press [Done].

Temporary disconnect

After this next step, the config push, the device will temporarily disconnect to reconfigure its settings and will automatically reconnect. This may take a minute.

  • Finally, press [Push changes] in the config tab to complete the setup.

Wi-Fi hotspot

View our Wi-Fi hotspot-article when your x500 IoT gateway supports Wi-Fi and you prefer to wirelessly access the internet / corporate network.