Failover – keep your machine connected

Failover increases the availability of your machine by configuring a 1st fallback, and even 2nd fallback, connection that will automatically be used when the preferred connection fails.

When the preferred connection fails, the 1st fallback connection will be used. When the 1st fallback connection fails as well, the 2nd fallback connection will be used. When a higher priority connection is back up, the x500 IoT gateway will automatically switch back to that connection.

The steps below explain how you configure this for the x500 IoT gateway.

  • Go to [Devices] in the main menu,select the concerning device, open its [Config] tab,and edit the WAN settings.
  • Configure all connections that you want to use (wired, wireless, cellular).
  • After having configured the desired connections, press the priority illustration at the top.
  • Here you can change the priority ordering and select which connection is preferred, 1st fallback, and 2nd fallback. You do this by moving the connections up and down.

Each connection is constantly checked whether it’s still up (available) or down (unavailable) to see if the x500 IoT gateway needs to switch to its 1st fallback, 2nd fallback, or back to its preferred connection. This is done by sending a keep alive message to a public IP address every couple of seconds. This message needs to fail several consecutive times for a connection to be considered down (unavailable). The same goes for it to be considered up (available) again. You can change the IP address and time interval by pressing the settings  icon.

Temporary disconnect

After this next step, the config push, the device will temporarily disconnect to reconfigure its settings and will automatically reconnect. This may take a minute.

  • Finally, press [Confirm] and [Push changes] in the config tab to complete the setup.