Static WAN IP address

The IP address of the x500 IoT gateway will, by default, be dynamically assigned via DHCP. However, some situations may require you to set a static IP address.

Use cases

A static WAN IP address is beneficial when you’re using port forwarding, to ensure long-term accessibility, or may even be required by the local IT department, due to an IP address filter in their firewall.

Local IT department

Always ask the local IT department for an available IP address, as well as the corresponding network maskdefault gateway, and DNS server.

You can configure this in one of two ways, depending if the x500 IoT gateway is currently offline or online.

Via USB flash drive

If the x500 IoT gateway is offline, you can configure the x500 IoT gateway via USB flash drive.

You can specify a static WAN IP address for your x500 IoT gateway when you are creating a WAN configuration file, accessible via the [Tools] page. If you haven’t created a WAN configuration file before, view our getting started guide and apply the intermediate steps explained below.

  • Press [Show more] in the top right of the WAN page.
  • Here you can select “use the following IP address. Enter an IP addressnetwork maskdefault gateway, and DNS server.
  • Press [Next], proceed through the steps, and download the configuration file at the final step. Place the file in the root directory of the USB flash drive, not in a folder, and insert the USB flash drive in the x500 IoT gateway.

RDY LED status

The x500 IoT gateway’s RDY LED should blink blue quickly shortly after inserting the USB flash drive, indicating that the x500 IoT gateway is (re)configuring itself. If this hasn’t happened after 1 minute, please check that the file is located in the root directory of the USB flash drive and that the file name is exactly “router.conf“. Try a different USB flash drive if the problem persists. View our LED Status article for details on the other RDY LED status messages.

Via X4 Remote

Besides directly setting up a static IP address you can choose to do this later on. The next steps show you how.

  • Go to [Devices] in the main menu, select the concerning device, open its [Config] tab, and edit  the WAN settings.
  • Select [Wired network].
  • Select [Use the following IP address], enter the IP address, network mask, default gateway, and DNS server.

Temporary disconnect

After this next step, the config push, the device will temporarily disconnect to reconfigure its settings and will automatically reconnect. This may take a minute.

  • Finally, press [Confirm] and [Push changes] in the config tab to complete the setup.