Wi-Fi hotspot

Wi-Fi variants of the x500 IoT gateway can simultaneously serve as a Wi-Fi client, where it connects to the internet via Wi-Fi, and as a WiFi hotspot. This Wi-Fi hotspot can be used to:

  • Wirelessly access your PLC, HMI, or other hardware while you are on-site.
  • Wirelessly access the internet. (view our “allow access to internet“-article)
  • Wirelessly connect machine components.

The Wi-Fi hotspot can remotely be enabled/disabled on the X4 remote. The next steps show you how.

  • Go to [Devices] in the main menu, select the concerning Wi-Fi router, open its [Config] tab, and edit  the LAN settings.
  • Toggle [Enable Wi-Fi hotspot], set a password (changing the SSID is optional), and press [Confirm].

Temporary disconnect

After this next step, the config push, the device will temporarily disconnect to reconfigure its settings and will automatically reconnect. This may take a minute.

  • Finally, press [Push changes] in the config tab to complete the setup.

Tip – wireless internet access

By default, access to the internet is disabled by the internal firewall. However, you can enable allow access to internet, granting you wireless internet access while you’re on-site.