x500 IoT gateway’s connection via a proxy server

If you are connected to a proxy server for your internet connection, you’ll have to configure the x500 IoT gateway to connect via that proxy server as well. The local IT department will know if this is the case and can provide you with the necessary information.

You can specify that the x500 IoT gateway needs to connect via a proxy server when you are creating a WAN configuration file, accessible via the [Tools] page. If you haven’t created a WAN configuration file before, view our getting started guide and apply the intermediate steps explained below.

  • Press [Show more] in the top right of the WAN page.
  • There you can toggle “connect through a proxy server. Enter the proxy server’s address and port number, and enter your credentials for the proxy server, if applicable.
  • Press [Next], proceed through the steps, and download the configuration file at the final step. Place the file in the root directory of the USB flash drive, not in a folder, and insert the USB flash drive in the x500 IoT gateway.

RDY LED status

The x500 IoT gateway’s RDY LED should blink blue quickly shortly after inserting the USB flash drive, indicating that the x500 IoT gateway is (re)configuring itself. If this hasn’t happened after 1 minute, please check that the file is located in the root directory of the USB flash drive and that the file name is exactly “router.conf“. Try a different USB flash drive if the problem persists. View our LED Status article for details on the other RDY LED status messages.

Connected via proxy server

The x500 IoT gateway will now connect via the configured proxy server. For more information on how to set up your x500 IoT gateway, view our getting started guide.