Create a Personal and Company Account

The X4 remote platform is the online place from where you can manage all your Lenze devices, companies, and users. You can access X4 remote at

You will have to create a user account to be a unique user on X4 remote. From your user account you can access multiple companies. This allows you to easily switch between companies using a single user account. Login only requires you to fill in your e-mail address and password.

There are two options to choose from when you get started with Lenze. These are:

Join an existing company

If your company already has a company account on X4 remote, you can ask one of your colleagues with managing permissions to invite you into the company. A member of a company with the “Manage users”-permission can invite others into the company by following the next steps:

  • First make sure to be in the company on which you’d like to invite new users. You can switch to another company by going to the account menu, press [Switch company], and then select the concerning company.
  • Once you are in the concerning company, go to [Users] in the main menu, and press .
  • Enter the e-mail address of the new user, select the relevant permissions, and press [Invite]Permissions and access can always later be changed.

E-mail address separator

Separate multiple e-mail addresses by using [Tab][Enter][;] or mouse click.

Create a new company

If your company has no company account yet on the X4 remote, you can easily register a company account for your company. Simultaneously you will also create a personal account. The next steps show how to create a new personal and company account.

  • Go to X4 remote ( and press [Register] at the bottom of the pageEnter your information, accept the terms of use, and press [Register].
  • You will soon receive a confirmation e-mail. Open the confirmation e-mail and press [Complete registration].

Next step

Your registration has been completed. You can now log in to with the credentials you entered before and set up your x500 IoT gateway.