Create a device category

Devices can be grouped in device categories. A device category enables you to better organize your devices and grant users/user groups access to an entire group of devices, instead of each device individually, providing a quickerclearer, and safer way to grant access to devices.

This article shows you how to:

Create a device category

You’ll first need to create a device category before you can add devices.

  • Go to [Management] in the main menu, open the [Device categories] tab, and press [Create a category] or .
  • Name the category and press [Add].

Add devices to a category

Once a device category has been created, you can start adding devices.

  • Go to [Management] in the main menu, select the [Devices] tab, select the concerning device, and press edit info .

Devices menu

Alternatively, you can go to [Devices], select the concerning device, press […] in the info-section, and press edit info 

  • Select the concerning category and press [Confirm].

Category created

Now that you’ve successfully created a category and added a device to it, you’ll see that the [Devices] are now categorized. Additionally, you can grant users/user groups access to that category