Firmware upgrade

Our developers are constantly trying to improve the quality of our services. Making changes in the x500 IoT gateway firmware is sometimes required to fix bugs or to add new features. These next steps show you how to upgrade your x500 IoT gateway’s firmware on the X4 remote.

Patch notes

The patch notes are visible on the X4 remote right where you initiate a firmware upgrade, see the steps below.

  • Go to [Devices] in the main menu, select the concerning device, press [∙∙∙] in the info section, and select [Firmware upgrade].

Temporary disconnect

After this next step, “start upgrade”, the x500 IoT gateway will reboot as part of the upgrade process. This means that all communication running via the x500 IoT gateway will be temporarily interrupted. For example, this includes communication between a PLC and HMI if they are both connected the LAN side of the x500 IoT gateway. Don’t worry, the x500 IoT gateway will automatically boot up and reconnect. The firmware upgrade may take 2-5 minutes.

  • You’ll see a list of all available firmware versions, including patch notes. Select a version and press [Start upgrade]


Do NOT turn off or unplug the x500 IoT gateway while it’s upgrading!